Monday, October 15, 2007

Java ME !

Update :

  • - It turns out the VM from Sun that i blogged earlier is for embedded xp or something, and clearly not for Pocket PC

  • - For the stuffs i tried all these time since my first blog, please refer to the next blog

Have just drowned myself in searching various resources regarding J2ME for the upcoming project in the company i'm working for. The project is quite simple from the non-embedded view, just some GUI, some networking for synchronization, and some printing(preferably wireless). I've been in j2se and j2ee for some years, but still new in j2me. As a real newcomer, i found myself amazed with the new (and a lot!)acronyms, but the sun's site does a good job in explaining nearly everything.

Well, at least nearly everything, except the JVM for running the java app in PocketPC platform, which is the platform our clients preferred in this project. During my bloody googling, to my surprise, i found out that there were no standard JVM from Sun to run java app in PocketPC for years. But here's the good news i got lately from sun's site about J2SE in embedded devices. It's still in evaluation phase, and it seems that you can't ship it freely. But anyway it's a good start.

For those who are still searching alternative JVMs, allow me to share some lists i've found quite potential to use in my project .. I've yet to test them, since i dont have the device yet.
1. J9 from IBM
2. MySaifu
3. CrEMe

Here's my firefox's bookmarks related to j2me resources that i build during past few days of googling ..

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J9 - Eclipsepedia - Ports
Configuring Toonel .45
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HP Deskjet 460 Mobile Printer series overview - HP Small & Medium Business products
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Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Expert: Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen - Java Midlets on the Pocket PC - the Complete Tutorial
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Configuring Java (J9) on a Pocket PC with RMI and SWT and SVG using CDC (Connected Device Configuration) and personal profile: some experiences

Hopefully you can find it useful ..

If you happen to have developed such projects, please share also, thanks !