Monday, October 13, 2008

Burning DAT VCD File

I'm in a situation where i need to burn a .DAT file that was copied from a VCD disc.
Looking around inside K3b, and found no tools for that.

After googling around, i found out about the usage of a tool package called vcdgear.
But havent tried that tool, because after reading more at the search results, i found out a very user friendly tool called devede.

Fired up my SuSE YaST -> Softare Management -> search for devede, and installed it successfully !

The proggie is quite user friendly. It can even convert the DAT file to a ready-to-be-burned cue and bin files. So what i did is add a new file, choose the DAT file, and click forward to start the conversion process. After that i'd just burn the output image file using K3b from the Tools menu -> Burn CD Image, and then selecting the cue file.

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